Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I Don't Need

People telling me I need to "lose a few pounds".

The birthday gift of Vehicle Registration fees.

A really nice detailing job on my car in lieu of working power steering.

Clients telling me how much they prefer other software.

The opportunity to clean up after others.

Stories about how winning the lottery turned out to be a curse for some people.

No Smoking rules.

Being informed that diet sodas are full of harmful chemicals.

Dating advice.

Conversations about other people's health issues.

Being stuck with the tab.

Rush hour traffic.


Jokes about anti-depressants.


Condom machines in the women's restroom.

Text messages while I'm driving.

Unexpected expenses.



  1. Who told you that you needed to lose a few pounds...we'll all go beat them up! Wish someone would pay my vehicle registration for my birthday....

  2. Ah, it wasn't a payment, it was the bill....grr.