Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun April Fool's Jokes

Tell small children that Mickey Mouse died.

Bounce your rent check.

Tell your significant other that you found someone younger and better looking. Oh, and richer.

Go to dinner with friends and "forget" your wallet.

Wear a Ralph Nader campaign t-shirt.

Tell everyone it's your birthday and demand gifts.

Dye your roommate's dog purple with Kool-Aid.

Toss a new red towel into your brother's laundry.

Bake a nice batch of Ex-Lax brownies for everyone in the office.

Pack all of a co-workers' personal items in a box and set it on his desk while he's at lunch. When he gets back, tell him the boss wants to see him.

Call tech support and ask them where the "any" key is.

Tell your brother-in-law that he picked the wrong sibling, and wink suggestively. This is funnier if you're a guy.

Put yellow food coloring in your buddy's beer, then tell her she looks a little jaundiced.

Three words - Flaming Dog Poo.

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