Saturday, December 27, 2008

You've Gotta See This

I stayed home last night and watched the Thrashers / Hurricanes game on TV because I really can't afford to spend any money on hockey tickets just now. I kind of wish I'd gone, even though the Thrashers ended up losing 5-4, just so I could say I'd been there when players from both teams scored hat tricks. Brian Little got the first HT of his career, and the guy just keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately, so does Eric Staal, who made two of his three goals unassisted.

But as exciting as that game was, it had nothing as amazing as John Tavare's bouncy - bouncy goal in the World Junior's exhibition game against Slovokia. Watch the video. Even if you're not a hockey fan, it's impressive (and kind of funny). Commenter oddlay (be odd if he was, judging by his profile) laments "Too bad he's doomed to be chosen by the Islanders or the Thrashers".
I sure hope we get him, he'd be a nice addition to this quietly improving team.

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