Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Karma Crash

OK, after all my ranting about bad drivers, karma finally caught up with me. Friday afternoon, I wrecked my car. Dammit. Nobody was hurt, but it has been an expensive, exhausting ordeal. Everyone I've had to deal with has been pretty cool, from the cop to the insurance adjuster, with one exception - the f***ing rental car guy (Enterprise = bunch of morons). Seems you can't use your debit card to rent a car, unless you have 2 utility bills with you. Cause everyone carries those around with them. In their friend's cars. Asshats. So, after 20 minutes of his painfully polite refusal to help, he asks me where the car is being fixed. I tell him it's at Autoglo in Tucker (shout out to Jerry the dog over there). He's all, "Oh, we know them, let me call over there and if they verify they have your car, we can use your debit card."
To which my friend asked "This, you couldn't have done 20 minutes ago?" Seriously.
So now, I'm waiting impatiently for the body shop and the insurance guy to decide between them if my car is gonna be fixed or totalled. Yeah, it's not been fun.

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