Thursday, May 28, 2009

People I Hate

Anyone with a big-ass SUV with freakin' tinted windows. I don't wanna look at your sorry ass, I just wanna see traffic. Tool.

The guy at the body shop who keeps getting the wrong f***ing parts for my car.

The bitch with the house on the corner who put boulders on the corner of her yard so no one can take the turn tight anymore. Like that 1 foot of your yard is so precious that everyone should risk collision to avoid accidentally running over it.

Rich, spoiled morons who are too tight to pay working people a living wage.

Everyone who has to slow down in traffic to get a good look at the fender bender on the side of the road.

Dick "Shut the hell up already" Cheney.

Anyone over 30 who still belongs to a "clique".

Everyone involved with NASCAR, especially the fans.

People who abandon their animals. You all oughta be kept chained in a yard and starved.

Arrogant retail clerks. You fold shirts for a living. You are not all that.

Telemarketers. Why isn't this industry dead yet?

Wimpy Democrats.

Self-righteous Republicans.

The insufferable morons on Pogo who insist on keeping up juvenile chat full of lame sexual innuendo in a game room. Go to a freakin' dating site and get some, maybe then you won't feel the need to bore everyone else with your poorly spelled attempts to hook up.

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