Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...but I swear it was in self-defense...

I noticed this story on Yahoo! news about a California sheriff being indicted for accepting bribes and kickbacks today, and it seemed kinda familiar. I guess it reminded me of this story, which was making the local news back when I was living in Virginia.

That sheriff had a nifty little plan to sell confiscated drugs. Gotta like the profit margins on that! This poor schmuck in Oregon just threatened to fire any department employees who ran against him. Weak! I doubt I'd have remembered that one.

I bet it was the Valdosta sheriff who liked to shake down prisoners for cash and free labor. Or maybe it was the Seneca County, New York debacle that evidently the whole Sheriff's department was in on. That one's memorable, what with the tire theft, free vacations, and a mysterious fire.

Of course, they don't get much bigger than former DeKalb County sheriff Sidney Dorsey's murder and racketeering indictment. That's probably the one I was reminded of.

Could have been payoffs in Texas, DWI in Catskill, embezzlement in NC, or a nice sex with prisoners scandal in Jackson County Tennessee. I particularly enjoyed Jackson County's Sheriff Kenneth Bean's impassioned defense, “I'm not guilty yet. I've got to go to court.”

I was also impressed with Page County, Virginia's Daniel Presgraves, whose 22-count indictment includes everything; sexual assault, appropriation of public funds, intimidation of potential witnesses, and accepting bribes from the fine folks operating the local cockfighting ring.

Remember kids, the police officer is your friend!

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  1. I live in Page County, the 22 page indictment, I read it all. And I just read in the Page News and COurier this week that they are putting out another petition to remove him from office. Dont know how that is gonna work out. But, they have tried it once already. So, where in VA did you live? Thats so cool, cuz I found you randomly!