Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weird Blogs List

Atlanta Furs - OK, I had no idea these freaks had such a large population in my hometown. (Shudder)

Brian's Home Blog - Just your standard, what-I-did-today blog. Written by a kitten. Hasn't been updated recently, just sits there, being weird.

I Y Your T-Shirt - Not really a blog, more like an ad. I think. Just uh....weird.

My Gastric Bypass - One Woman's Story - Oooookaaaaay.

The Garbage Man - Adventures of a Sanitation Engineer!

The Tooth Booth Dental Blog - All teeth, all the time.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BAMA GIRL - Just in case the caps lock doesn't say it all, I linked directly to my favorite post, a list of her favorite things including: orange juice (which she will apparently drink until she is sick), sweatshirts (they are the Bomb!), pirates (and cowboys?), and of course, "FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! (AHHH MY HEART JUST SWEALLLLLSSES UP)". Sorry guys, she's married!

Open Call - If you find any really weird and/or stupid blogs, please email a link to


  1. Ok, yep some weird ones for sure! Love it as usual!

  2. Thanks! I was thinking of making it kind of a regular feature.