Thursday, January 15, 2009

Asking Obama

I'm getting a bad feeling about this guy. Not a horrified, profoundly disappointed in the whole country feeling, like after the last election, but a sneaking suspicion that all is not as it seems.

I'm over the primaries, I really am. My horse didn't win that race, that's ok. I threw my support behind our man like a good Democrat. I liked his message, and I admired his style. And I still whole-heartedly believe he was a better candidate than old man McCain.

But we crazy liberals do not always agree with our leaders. Not for us the lock-step, sheep-think, apologist, blind faith in demagogues I've watched the opposition substitute for individual thought. We do the unthinkable - we ask questions.

Questions for President (elect) Obama:

Why are you threatening Congress? Are you planning on bowing up every time they act like, oh, I don't know....elected representatives? Instead

Why did you choose a homophobe to do your invocation?

Didn't you see all those after-school specials about running with the wrong crowd? Rev. Wright doesn't seem to be real strong on "Christian" ideals like brotherhood, understanding, or forgiveness. This is your pastor? Just....embarrassing, dude.
Tony not the guy you want helping you out on real estate deals.
I'm not gonna throw Ayers or Farrakhan at you, because I don't believe those guys are really pals of yours.

Are you gonna get all churchy on us?

What's with the dicey cabinet picks? Leon Penetta as Director of the CIA? The guy has a pretty impressive resume....except for a total lack of spy experience. Feinstein ain't buying that, and she's the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture? Anti-sustainable ag, pretty much in bed with agribusiness. (Yeah, I know, Team of Rivals....)
Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary? OK, he may be qualified, but he's wearing a frickin' cowboy hat. All the time.
Attorney General - Eric Holder? Does he have the stones to call the former administration's crimes to light?
Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Really? This seems like an awfully important position right now for a guy who screwed up his own tax return.
Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson.....nevermind.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?! All is forgiven.

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